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Löyty and Ylinen’s compositions from their previous recordings, and the line-up was heard in an accompaniment role with a few songs on Löyty’s previous solo album Feather. The band’s members ’shared love, especially with the big 70s proge bands like Pink Floyd, Yes and Wigwam, has boldly guided the band’s own music down the path signaled by these great rock totems.

“The idea was to go boldly to make music in the spirit of our great role models. Not imitating, of course, but along similar routes. We combine old and new technology. modern production “, says Ylinen.

The band’s debut release is a single called On the Dark Side of the Moon. The reference to Pink Floyd’s rational success record is not entirely a coincidence. “The song was originally written in Finnish, but when we decided to take the band in a more international direction, the language changed to English and On The Dark Side of the Moon became the work title of the song. , and the arrangement and guitar sounds have used some familiar means from Pink Floyd, “says Ylinen, who knows the tricks of David Gilmour, the guitarist of the tribute band PULSE.

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